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What I love most about being integrated into my church family is the community and fellowship it brings. It’s authentic. It’s real. Tangible and vulnerable.

We were speaking about this recently at our last connect group session how often church has a negative connotation. Appearing boring, not reflective of the reality of our day to day and raw struggles that we face. What I’m so thankful for is that I don’t live in that realm anymore of thinking that my negative views of the church are somehow reflective of how my practice should just surrender. That’s honestly the position that I was in years ago. No church home, not really feeling like I belonged anywhere. How could my purpose be tied into a community of believers that are doing life like I am, while still having realness; no judgment, extending grace and being open and honest about this forever curve ball life throws. Stepping into serving, not by force but by the will and drive to get deeper into community. Not just sitting in a …

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